A blog post about my first blog post which is my first blog post.

This is my first blog post and my grammar and spelling mistakes will make that pretty clear in the next few paragraphs as I write this as a jetlagged wreck and midway through a nervous breakdown. This was an impulsive and totally unplanned decision. One second I was watching how to make instant ice cream on youtube, (Which totally works by the way. Here’s the link. Also gives you an arm workout.) and the next minute I’m at the WordPress site setting up a blog. 

So what brought about this impulsive decision?

A week ago, I shifted to Belgium from a different country. For those who don’t know Belgium is a small country located at the heart of Europe. It has a population of approximately 11 million and is divided mainly into 2 regions: Wallonia and Flanders. The Flanders region is mainly comprised of the Dutch-speaking population while the Wallonia region is the French-speaking region. It’s a beautiful country with a lot of greenery, chilly winds and SEPARATE LANES FOR BICYCLES. This may not be a surprise for many Europeans but I come from a place where repeated honking is a form of greeting and overtaking other cars while speeding up dangerously and swerving is a lifestyle. Asians honk a lot. We literally have signs at the back of trucks that say ‘Horn ok please’. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself.

horn1   Pic credits: Google images

I’ve been told that this is pleasant weather in Belgium and I’ve chosen the best month to shift here because the weather is just perfect.


Look at all the sunshine!!!


These clear skies!!



So after seeing these photos, you would expect warm weather, right? You’d expect a pleasant wind to breeze past your face and make wisps of your hair prettily dance around, right? Yeah, me too. So imagine my surprise when I throw open my windows princess-style only to have a gust of ice-cold wind slap me in the face.

opening windows

This is what I did.

queen closing window

And this is what I did next. Yes, the cold turned me from a girl into a witch with an ice cold heart who hands out poisonous apples.

It’s 1°C out there.  34°F for all you Americans.  Don’t let the clear skies and bright sunshine fool you. It’s as cold as my 6th grade Math teacher’s heart.

So while my dad goes out for walks and runs (He’s been here for six months already. He’s used to this monstrous weather.), I’m stuck here, sniffling, down with a cold and miserable.

Which is how I ended up on my couch with my laptop and a jar of chocolate spread. After spending hours on youtube (We’ve all been there.), I got to thinking and realized that due to Belgium’s central location I’ll be traveling a lot. Which meant that I will make a lot of memories which I will not be able to keep track of. I’ve traveled to a couple of countries (8 to be exact, but who’s keeping count, right?) in my 16 years of existence which has resulted in me forgetting about most of the cities I’ve visited due to no proper documentation. So I decided that enough was enough and moved over to the WordPress site and impulsively proceeded to create a blog to record my life.

This is the result.

I won’t be able to make any promises about when I will update as I have no idea about when and where I’ll be traveling. Also, this blog will not be limited to traveling and will also contain (not-so) humorous incidents and (not-so) inspiring experiences of my life. But feel free to join me as I document my life and voyages, stumbling, falling, miserably and humiliatingly failing but always getting up again. Because isn’t that what life is about?

Taking off,  



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